"Tesla's CEO Acknowledges Challenges in Developing Pickup Trucks"

 In addition, during the annual shareholder meeting, Tesla's CEO said he expected Cybertruck to reach sales of 250,000 to 500,000 vehicles/year once the production line operates optimally. 

This is an ambitious goal, as Ford - the "king" of American pickup trucks - only sold more than 650,000 F-Series units last year, including nearly 16,000 pure electric F-150 Lightning pickup trucks.

"I think 250,000 cars/year is a reasonable sales volume and maybe 500,000, I don't know. We will produce enough to meet market demand. 

But it will be difficult to have a cheap price, because it is a single model. new car, a new production method," Mr. Musk shared.

When the Cybertruck launched in 2019, it was expected to have a starting price of about $40,000, but the company has now removed all related information, including price and technical specifications. 

With the above sharing, it seems that Mr. Musk is mentally preparing potential customers for the possibility of increasing prices.

However, nothing is official yet, so we will have to wait until Tesla is ready to release this pickup truck to the market.

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