"Revolutionizing Battery Swapping: Chinese Electric Cars Set New Standard with 3-Minute Battery Replacement"

 The new battery exchange station will support both Nio's upcoming low-cost branded vehicles, temporarily called Alps, and Firefly. These brands target middle-class customers.

"We hope to be able to expand the network and bring a better experience to car owners," said Nio Power vice president Shen Fei. "As a pioneer in the battery exchange model, Nio welcomes other automakers to share its technology and network."

Nio not only plans to expand its battery exchange station system in China, but also expects the number of battery exchange stations globally to exceed 4,000 by 2025.

Davis Zhang, head of electric vehicle battery supplier Suzhou Hazardtex, said that battery swapping is an effective way to reduce concerns about the range of electric cars.

"The battery exchange model has not been widely adopted in both China and other major auto markets, as the technology requires large investment costs and collaborative efforts between automakers and manufacturers. battery," he said. "Technically, it helps electric car users worry less about the car running out of battery in the middle of the road, and is a good battery strategy for electric vehicles."

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