Chinese electric cars only take 3 minutes to change batteries

 Instead of spending at least 20-30 minutes waiting to charge the battery, even if it is fast charging, with Nio's new technology battery exchange station system, it only takes 3 minutes for electric car users.

Nio's new battery exchange stations feature a system that automatically aligns the car into the correct position and then swaps the battery in just 3 minutes. Each station can exchange 408 battery packs per day, a 30% increase compared to stations using old technology.

Chinese electric cars only take 3 minutes to change batteries, about to deploy thousands of stations - 1

Nio said it will install 1,000 new battery exchange stations across China this year. Of these, 400 stations will be installed along toll highways, while 600 stations will be installed in urban areas. Nio currently operates 1,300 battery exchange stations.

Not all Nio electric car owners in China can use the battery exchange station, but only those who buy the car with a battery exchange service package. This helps reduce the initial cost of buying a car because the battery pack is not included in the price of the car. However, car owners will have to pay a monthly fee for battery rental and battery exchange.

Clip introducing Nio's 3-minute battery exchange station (Video: Car News China).

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