2024 "Stunned by the Price Tag: Exploring the Cost of Replacing Electric Car Batteries"

 With the Chevy Bolt model, GM in 2017 listed the battery pack price at 15,734 USD, but according to Recurrent's survey, dealers currently charge nearly 16,000 USD, not including replacement costs. On average, the lowest cost to replace a battery for a Chevrolet Bolt is 250 USD/kWh, and the highest is 271 USD/kWh.

With the Chevy Volt, because it is a hybrid car, the battery pack is smaller than a pure electric car, so the battery replacement cost is also lower. According to Recurrent, the price of a used battery pack is 3,000 USD, while a new one is 8,000 USD, corresponding to a cost of 152 USD/kWh and 467 USD/kWh. However, last August, a dealer charged up to $30,842 to replace the battery for a Volt; Of which the battery cost alone is 26,857 USD.

With the battery pack of the Hyundai Ioniq HEV 2018-2019 version, the battery replacement cost is 2,853 USD in 2021, equivalent to 1,829 USD/kWh for a small battery pack - capacity 1.56kWh.

The oldest in the US electric vehicle market is the Nissan Leaf model, which has many battery replacement costs, depending on the type. A 30kWh battery pack costs about 3,500-4,500 USD, a 40kWh battery pack costs 6,500-7,000 USD, and a 62kWh battery pack costs up to 8,500-9,500 USD; All costs are not included. On average, the cost of replacing a battery will be 150 USD/kWh, 187.5 USD/kWh, and 153 USD/kWh. The cost of replacing the battery will push the total cost to 12,000-19,000 USD, equivalent to 266-300 USD/kWh.

With the Tesla Model 3, replacing the battery will cost the car owner about 10,000-15,799 USD, while the larger battery pack of the Model S costs from 12,000 USD to 22,000 USD.

The Volkswagen E-Golf model uses a 35.8kWh battery pack with a replacement cost of up to 23,443 USD, equivalent to 654 USD/kWh, one of the car models with the highest battery replacement costs in Recurrent's survey list. For comparison, the price of a 2022 Volkswagen E-Golf in the US is currently from nearly 32,000 USD to 38,800 USD. Thus, the cost of replacing a battery for an old car is 2/3 of the price of a new car.

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