2024 "Stunned" by the cost of replacing electric car batteries

 Surveying the cost of replacing the batteries of some popular electric car models today reveals truly shocking numbers.

Now, as electric vehicles become more and more popular, many users are starting to face damaged batteries that need to be replaced. A recent study by Recurrent, a startup company specializing in evaluating used electric vehicles in the US, studied in detail the battery replacement costs of some popular electric vehicle models currently on the market. The results show that this cost is not cheap.

Most electric vehicles come with a battery warranty, which covers battery repair and/or replacement for a certain number of years, so Recurrent's research focused on examining the cost of replacing batteries on older vehicle models whose warranties have expired. onion. This cost also depends on whether the battery is replaced at an official service center or at an external workshop. According to Recurrent's survey, the average cost of replacing an electric car battery is 137 USD/kWh.

Shocked at the cost of replacing electric car batteries, which can be 2/3 of the price of a new car - 1

The lowest cost to replace the battery for an electric car is a few thousand USD (Graphic: Recurrent).

In Recurrent's survey, the cheapest cost is to replace the battery of the BMW i3 model, ranging from 2,500 USD for a used battery pack, to 16,000 USD for a new genuine BMW battery pack. The average cost is 145 USD/kWh for used battery packs and 727 USD/kWh for genuine new battery packs.

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