2024 "Forecast: Electric Cars Expected to Reach Price Parity with Gasoline Cars Within 2 Years"

 "Our entire technical strategy is aimed at this goal, which is that by the middle of the decade it will be as expensive to produce pure electric vehicles as it is to produce internal combustion engine vehicles. And that's why we have to focus Total force changes everything," he said.

"It's probably easier for a luxury car maker to do this than for a mass-market car maker. That's why it might come to Volvo faster, as said, we're a pretty good brand." small, so we can change faster. I can be sure we will achieve that goal," Mr. Annwall explained.

One obstacle that Volvo will face on that journey is the cost of raw fuel, especially the cost of manufacturing battery packs. This is a problem for most electric car manufacturers, including popular brands that both develop internal combustion engines and develop electric vehicle technology to keep up with market trends.

Volvo has said its goal is to reduce the cost of battery packs to $100/kWh by 2025-2026, even as raw material prices increase. The LPB battery pack provided by CATL for Tesla Model 3 cars is leading the global market in terms of cost - 131 USD/kWh.

Currently, the price gap between the cheapest version of the gasoline-powered Volvo XC40 model and the electric XC40 Recharge is $20,000. However, the operating parameters of the two vehicles are also different.

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