2024 Risk of fire and explosion in electric vehicle battery charging posts in the basement

 It's not that electric cars have a higher risk of fire than internal combustion engine cars, but other problems are unique to electric cars.

The risk of fire and explosion at electric vehicle charging posts in the basement causes concern - 1

The risk of fire and explosion is one of the biggest concerns consumers have about electric cars (Photo: WapCar).

If you look at the statistics, there is no reason to think that pure electric cars have a higher risk of fire than cars using internal combustion engines. Cases of cars catching fire while parked or charging are also very rare, but the reality is that they do happen, whether they are pure electric vehicles or conventional internal combustion engine vehicles. Therefore, insurance companies do not charge more for electric cars than for gasoline cars. The value of the vehicle, the risk of theft and information about the new driver are the factors that determine the insurance premium, whether for a gasoline or electric vehicle.

The statistics are not wrong, but firefighters can tell you one more thing - not every fire can be extinguished. And unfortunately, electric cars are among the hardest to put out fires.

An internal combustion engine vehicle fire can be put out with a fire extinguisher or a lot of water, but the only way to control an electric vehicle fire is to control the source of the fire, in the open, because it can re-ignite. multiple times, even after the fire was extinguished. That's the characteristics of lithium-ion battery packs, so fighting electric vehicle fires is not simple. Electric vehicle battery packs often have very tight casings, making it difficult for firefighters to "destroy" them.

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