2024 "Mitigating Risks: Fire and Explosion Hazards in Basement Electric Vehicle Battery Charging Stations"

 The risk of fire and explosion at electric vehicle charging posts in the basement causes concern - 2

The only way to completely control a burning electric car is to soak it in water, but this is difficult to do when the car is underground (Photo: WapCar).

In countries with many electric vehicles, the fire department recommends that electric vehicle charging stations should not be built in cramped places where water tanks cannot be placed to soak burned electric vehicles.

Because electric vehicles are still quite new, many governments around the world are still learning how to adapt. In addition to basic fire prevention regulations, no country currently has regulations on safety conditions for electric vehicle charging stations in the basement of buildings.

The RISCAuthority research and risk assessment department of the British Fire Association recently issued a fire prevention guidance document for electric vehicle charging stations. Zurich Insurance has also published its own guidance document for buildings.

Both said the best location to build an electric car charging tower is on the first floor, away from valuable assets or flammable materials, such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage or gathering places. Garbage collection, and a place where fire trucks can easily enter and exit.

If you have to install an electric car battery charging pole inside a high-rise building, you should choose a location on the roof or near the first floor, with ventilation on both sides. Installing a charging post in a closed space is a forced solution, and in that case, a high-speed rain nozzle and ventilation system is needed above the vehicle. You must choose a location far away from doors, stairs or emergency exits to install the electric vehicle battery charging post.

According to RISCAuthority, for high-rise buildings, it is necessary to separate the electric vehicle charging area in the basement, separated by a fireproof wall or door system that can "hold out" for at least 120 minutes to prevent fire from spreading.

Meanwhile, the Korean fire department is proposing that the government issue regulations requiring the installation of mobile water tanks and high-pressure nozzles when building charging stations in basements. The water tank can cool the battery pack, preventing it from burning again.

Singapore has just passed a new regulation, requiring new buildings to install electric vehicle charging posts at a ratio of 1:25, meaning there is 1 electric vehicle charging post for every 25 parking spaces.

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