N2 Concept Unveils Honda's Vision for the Electric Vehicle Future

 Extremely impressive design, e:N2 Concept sketches the future of Honda's electric vehicles - 2

Unusual "blank" design inside the Honda e:N2 (Photo: Honda).

Other notable design details include a rectangular steering wheel, floating "saddle" and white covering most areas from the dashboard, door taps to seats.

The concept is equipped with the e:N OS operating system, but Honda said the new generation of the Honda Connect information and entertainment system will be introduced next spring, using artificial intelligence (AI).

This concept uses the front-wheel drive "e: N Architecture F" platform. This is one of Honda's electric vehicle-specific platforms, which will be used for many other vehicle models in the future.

There is currently no information about the capacity of the front electric motor as well as the battery capacity.

The e:N2 is equipped with the latest Honda Sensing 360 ADAS driving assistance package that will also be available on the new CR-V and Breeze models, before being rolled out across Honda's entire product line by 2030. The package includes a The front camera and 5mm wavelength radar system scan 360 degrees around the vehicle so it has higher range and accuracy.

Some images of the Honda e:N2 Concept model:

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