N2 Concept outlines Honda's electric vehicle future

 The Honda e:N2 Concept provides an image of the company's future car models, possessing a minimalist but still extremely impressive design.

The Honda e:N2 Concept is the follow-up to last year's e:N prototypes, looks more refined and is production-ready, and will use the new Honda Sensing 360 ADAS smart driving assistance package. best.

Extremely impressive design, e:N2 Concept sketches the future of Honda's electric vehicles - 1

Honda e:N2 uses LED lighting system and glowing logo, creating a modern style (Photo: Honda).

According to the Japanese automaker, this concept is the product of "a team of young Chinese designers and engineers who are skilled in smart technology and the field of global electrification, while also understanding people's needs." Chinese consumption.

Honda e:N2 Concept is a blend of lines between the hatchback and sedan categories. Honda did not announce the car's size, but it is likely that this will be a competitor to cars like the Tesla Model 3, BYD Seal and Toyota bZ3 - a model only available in China.

Inside the car, the dashboard has a simple layout, with the screen hidden and touch controls combined with a head-up display (HUD) on the windshield.

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