2024 VinFast's first electric car is rated safe

 The evaluation organization of Southeast Asia has conducted tests and given a high safety rating to VinFast VF e34, the first electric car model of the Vietnamese brand.

During the October evaluation, VinFast VF e34 was tested and certified 4 stars overall for safety by the Southeast Asia New Car Assessment Program (ASEAN NCAP), with a cumulative score of 78.99 points.

How safe is VinFast's first electric car rated? - first

VinFast VF e34 in a frontal crash test conducted by ASEAN NCAP (Photo cut from clip).

Specifically, VinFast VF e34 achieved 35.92 points in the Adult Protection category (AOP), 17.71 points for Child Protection (COP), 12.5 points for Motorcyclist Safety (MS ) and 12.86 points for Safety Assist (SA).

In particular, VinFast's electric car model received a 4-star rating in the Safety Support category and the remaining three categories all received 5-star ratings.

 VinFast VF e34 has standard safety equipment including: 6 airbags, seat belt reminder system for front and rear passengers, electronic body stabilization and anti-lock brakes.

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