2024 VinFast's Debut Electric Car Receives High Safety Rating

Along with that, the car is also equipped with a number of advanced features such as: lane departure warning, rear cross-traffic warning, emergency calling, blind spot warning, automatic high beam lights.

According to an announcement from ASEAN NCAP, VF 334 is the fourth VinFast car model to be certified for safety by this organization. However, this is the first product of a Vietnamese automaker to be evaluated according to the new process applied in the period 2021 - 2025.

How safe is VinFast's first electric car rated? - 2

VinFast VF e34 is rated 4 stars for overall safety (Photo: ASEAN NCAP).

For this new process, the highlight is the addition of a category to evaluate driving assistance features, typically automatic emergency braking (AEB). Along with that, the two categories of Child Protection and Motorcyclist Safety will have a maximum score of 20, while the Adult Protection category will have 40 points, so the total ASEAN NCAP score can reach up to 100. point.

In 2019, VinFast's first three gasoline car models received safety certification from ASEAN NCAP. Among them, Lux A2.0 and Lux SA2.0 reach 5 stars and Fadil reaches 4 stars. VF e34 is the company's first electric car model certified by this organization.

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