"Honda and Sony's Electric Cars Forge Unique Paths in the Automotive Industry"

 AFUN Interactive began contacting Sony Honda Mobility, the joint venture behind the Afeela brand, to discuss cooperation.

For its part, Honda said it knew that Apoki's innovation was somewhat superior to most virtual artists, so it decided to establish a supply partnership.

Electric cars from Honda and Sony find their own path - 2

The Afeela concept car was first introduced at the CES 2023 Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas not long ago (Photo: Honda).

Afeela is expected to begin delivering the first electric vehicles in 2025, with Honda in charge of the engineering and Sony behind the technology.

This technology brand plans to equip the car with cloud-based software, level 3 self-driving features, and many other entertainment options thanks to a screen spanning the entire dashboard. The company is said to even integrate a PlayStation 5 video game console into the car.

Electric cars from Honda and Sony find their own path - 3

Afeela is designed and equipped like a mobile recreational vehicle (Photo: Honda).

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