2024 Chinese car Haima returns to Vietnam

 Through the new distributor, the Chinese auto brand plans to distribute an electric MPV model and two other gasoline car lines to Vietnamese customers.

Still unfamiliar to most users, Haima has actually returned to Vietnam since 2011 through a partner in Hai Phong. Car models of the Chinese brand at that time often had designs reminiscent of Mazda cars. However, this direction did not seem to be accepted by Vietnamese customers, so Haima then withdrew from the market.

Chinese car Haima returns to Vietnam, will launch with a 7-seat electric car model - 1

The Haima 7X 7-seat MPV model using a gasoline engine was brought to Vietnam at an event. This promises to be a rival to Mitsubishi Xpander and Toyota Veloz Cross (Photo: Thu Nhai).

In this comeback, Haima is imported and distributed in Vietnam by CarVivu company headquartered in Hanoi. The above decision comes in the context that the auto market in our country is considered full of potential with more than 500,000 vehicles sold in 2022. In particular, the SUV line has a growth rate of up to 60% and the MPV line more than doubles. compared to 2021.

That's why Haima will distribute in Vietnam two MPV models and one SUV model. Cars imported into Vietnam are subject to a very high tax policy of up to 50%, so the company will have to have a policy to have a good selling price. At the same time, taking advantage of free registration incentives for electric cars, Haima will also sell this car line and it is intended to be the opening product for the comeback.

Chinese car Haima returns to Vietnam, will launch with a 7-seat electric car model - 2

Haima 7X-E belongs to the electric MPV segment, expected price is over 1 billion VND (Photo: Haima).

Specifically, Haima 7X-E is expected to be available in Hanoi in the second quarter with three optional versions. This is a 7-seat electric MPV line developed based on the Haima 7X gasoline version. The vehicle is equipped with an electric motor with a maximum capacity of 150kW and maximum torque of 340 Nm. The battery produced by CALT has a capacity of up to 73.7kWh, allowing up to 510km of travel after a single charge. Fast charging technology from 30-80% of the battery takes only 27 minutes.

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