2024 "Chinese Automaker Haima Makes a Comeback in Vietnam Market"

The official selling price has not been announced, but the distributor said the Haima 7X-E will be over 1 billion VND. The charging problem will certainly be a challenge for this electric car model and CarVivu said it is negotiating to soon develop a fast charging station in Vietnam, in addition to giving away a home charger for each car sold.

Chinese car Haima returns to Vietnam, will launch with a 7-seat electric car model - 3

The interior compartment of Haima 7X has a modern, sleek design typical of current Chinese cars (Photo: PCJOW).

Meanwhile, the Haima 7X gasoline version is equipped with a 1.6 turbo engine with a maximum capacity of 195 horsepower. CarNewsChina commented that this is one of the mid-sized MPV models with an attractive appearance when designed by Pininfarina. The car has dimensions of length x width x height of 4,815 x 1,874 x 1,720(mm), respectively.

The expected price of Haima 7X is about 700-800 million VND, with three version options. If the above price range is fixed, the Chinese brand's car model will be significantly more expensive than its best-selling competitors in Vietnam such as Mitsubishi Xpander (555-688 million VND) or Toyota Veloz (658-698 million VND). ...

Chinese car Haima returns to Vietnam, will launch with a 7-seat electric car model - 4

Haima 8S belongs to the C-SUV segment but is expected to cost from about 600 million VND, which is the same price as B-SUV models in Vietnam (Photo: Autocar India).

The third product is the C-class SUV Haima 8S, which will be distributed in three versions with prices starting from more than 600 million VND. The car uses an internal combustion engine similar to the one on the Haima 7X, and the overall size is similar to the Mazda CX-5. If the expected price range is established, the Haima 8S will be more competitive when the price is only equal to some B-SUV models on sale.

Haima Automobile was founded in 1988 as a spare parts manufacturing company cooperating with the government of Hainan province (China). By 1992, the company entered into a joint venture with Mazda to produce Mazda car models for sale in the Chinese market. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that the company's car models at this stage have the same design and technology as the Japanese manufacturer.

After more than 35 years of cooperation with big brands, Haima gradually found its own direction and now the company has a scale of more than 200 hectares and nearly 1,600 employees. Annual production capacity is 150,000 vehicles and 150,000 engines.

Haima's statement continues the wave of Chinese auto brands entering the Vietnamese market in recent years. Before that, Vietnamese customers began to hear names like Beijing, BAIC, Hongqi... and products bearing these brands rolling on the streets.

Recently, TMT Motors announced that it has signed a strategic cooperation with the joint venture General Motors (GM) - (Saic - Wuling), to produce, assemble and exclusively distribute this company's electric cars in Vietnam. The first product to be deployed will be the Wuling HongGuang MiniEV - the world's best-selling mini electric car.

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