Chinese electric pickup truck Radar RD6 EV is ready

 This car model is similar in size to Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger, and can run up to more than 630km after each full battery charge.

The RD6 radar began shipping to customers in China this month, and exports are expected to begin this year, as confirmed by parent company Geely.

Chinese electric pickup truck Radar RD6 EV is ready to export abroad - 1

Radar RD6 is a pure electric pickup truck.

RD6 launched in the Chinese market in November last year, with a starting price of 178,800 yuan (equivalent to 612.5 million VND) in the domestic market.

This mid-sized pickup truck uses the SEA chassis platform, with one or two engine configurations. Currently, all available versions of the Radar RD6 are equipped with an electric motor at the rear, with a capacity of 100kW, equivalent to 134 horsepower, giving the car the ability to accelerate from 0-100km/h in 6,000 minutes. 9 seconds.

There are three battery options for Radar RD6 buyers in China - 63kWh, 86kWh and 100kWh, giving ranges of 400km, 550km and 632km respectively. The largest battery pack supports DC fast charging with a capacity of up to 120kW, while the maximum charging capacity of the regular charger is 11kW.

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