"VinFast's New Policy Aims to Combat Electric Vehicle Voucher Speculation"

 From April 6, Vinpearl resort vouchers will only be valid for use after the customer completes payment obligations and receives the vehicle according to the contract.

VinFast launches policy to suppress electric vehicle voucher speculation - 2

Policy applied by VinFast to customers depositing VF 8 and VF e34 (Photo: VF).

According to VinFast, the time to receive deposit refund requests will last from the date of announcement until April 21, 2023. After the above time, VinFast announced that it will not process deposit refunds.

The policy helps "quench" speculation

"First of all, the car delivery time policy launched by VinFast shows that the car company has mastered the supply and is able to meet the needs of customers who want to buy VF e34 and VF 8, not lacking cars to deliver like before", an industry expert commented on VinFast's new announcement.

This person also believes that the new policy will help "crush" voucher speculation, which previously had a negative impact on the business environment. After the timeline announced by VinFast, car prices and related services will be stable. Customers who really want to buy VF e34 and VF 8 will still be able to buy the car at a good price.

Meanwhile, those who no longer need to buy a car have just received an unconditional refund, and also received a support of up to 20% of the deposit amount. "This policy is probably unprecedented in Vietnam's car market," the expert said.

Previously, VinFast also announced a policy to buy back electric cars from customers after 5 years, if customers want to sell. VinFast's depreciation rate is based on popular car models on the market. Policy applies to VF 5, VF e34, VF 8 and VF 9 with accompanying conditions.

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