Kia EV5 is scheduled to launch with a design like Rolls-Royce

 Kia only needed more than half a year to bring the Kia EV5 from concept to actual production version and will be ready on the market next year.

Kia introduced the EV5 concept at the China Electric Vehicle Festival last month, with an appearance that has many similarities to the EV9 model, but possesses unique design ideas, such as doors that open backwards like a Rolls-Royce. , swivel seats, "digital tiger face" grille and constellation lighting.

Kia EV5 is scheduled to launch, with reverse opening door design like Rolls-Royce - 1

The Kia EV5 Concept has a boxy design similar to the EV9 but is smaller in size.

With the EV5 Concept model, the Korean car company also uses the Opposites United design philosophy (roughly translated: The unity of opposites), aiming for a different, future-oriented design. Besides the square design and 21-inch rims, this electric crossover model has a "digital tiger face" on the front, creating stylistic unity with the internal combustion engine vehicles that have identified the brand. The trademark is the tiger nose grille.

Another difference in appearance is the light system located across the grille and to the sides, using Kia's Star Map lighting technology, with a seamless connection like a constellation, giving the car's nose a distinctive look. Neat and neat, not crumbly or cumbersome.

If the exterior can completely be used for actual production, the interior is full of ideas, with open space.

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