VinFast launches a policy to "crush" the situation of speculation on electric vehicle vouchers

 Customers who buy electric cars VF e34 and VF 8 will need to complete the procedures or if they do not want to receive the car, VinFast will refund the deposit and support an additional 20% of the deposit amount.

On April 6, VinFast announced a new policy on deposit settlement and refund for customers who have ordered VF e34 and VF 8. According to the company, this program was launched to end speculation on vouchers and deposits. virtual, to ensure customer benefits and bring transparency and openness to the market.

For customers who want to buy a car

Accordingly, from April 6, VinFast requires customers who have made a deposit of VND 50 million to commit to buying a car to carry out car purchasing procedures within 7 days.

VinFast launches policy to suppress electric vehicle voucher speculation - 1

Two VinFast VF 8 parked in front of the vehicle registration point in Ha Dong district (Photo: Dinh Nam).

Customers who have made a deposit to reserve a place to buy a car worth 10 million VND also have 15 days to register the time to receive the car and transfer an additional 40 million VND to switch to committed deposit status. The deadline to receive the car is based on the VinFast voucher.

After the above deadlines or after registering the time to receive the vehicle, if the customer does not receive the vehicle at the committed time, VinFast said the company is allowed to terminate the contract or deposit agreement and retain the amount. stakes according to regulations.

For customers who no longer need to buy a car

In case the customer no longer needs to buy a car, VinFast said it is willing to refund 100% of the deposit, plus an additional 20% of support costs on top of the amount the customer placed; At the same time, vouchers given away under the "Pioneers appreciate Pioneers" program, including VinFast car vouchers and Vinpearl resort vouchers, were revoked.

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