"VinFast Electric Car Sales Double: Accelerating Growth in the Market"

 Compared to other current car models of VinFast, VF e34 is the most accessible product, with a selling price after deducting incentives of about 500 million VND. 

Recently, the company updated the FRS6.0/7.0 software for the vehicle, bringing many features and especially the travel distance after each full charge increased to 318.6km (according to NEDC standards).

VinFast electric car sales doubled, mainly thanks to the popular car model - 1

VinFast VF e34 had a strong increase in sales in March (Photo: Dinh Nam).

Software stability and experience help customers pay more attention to VinFast electric cars. The company's April sales promise to continue to grow when the VF 5 Plus model begins to be delivered to buyers. This is a car model in the A-SUV segment, priced at 458 million VND (excluding battery) and 538 million VND (including battery).

Growth compared to the previous month but VinFast's electric car sales are not impressive. By the end of the first quarter of 2023, each model VF e34 or VF 8 sold less than 1,000 units of each type. This result was partly affected by the general gloomy situation of the entire Vietnamese car market in the first months of the year.

But VinFast doesn't just sell cars domestically. After the first export batch, VinFast said it plans to export the second batch of VF 8 cars to international markets.

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