VinFast electric car sales doubled

 The Vietnamese brand automobile company sold more than 900 electric cars in March, with more than half of sales coming from VinFast VF e34.

VinFast's last month's business results report added another row, when the company started handing over VF 9 from March 27. According to the announcement, this high-end electric SUV model sold 51 units, making a small contribution to impressive sales growth for VinFast.

The main driving force for VinFast's sales power comes from VF e34 with 469 cars delivered in March, compared to 150 cars in February. VF 8 also increased from 266 cars to 395 cars. Thus, the Vietnamese car company delivered a total of 915 electric cars to customers in March, increasing the accumulation from the beginning of the year to 1,689 cars.

Car model February March Cumulative 2023

VF e34 150 469 773

VF 8 266 395 865

VF 9 - 51 51

  416 915 1,689

VinFast automobile business results (unit: vehicle).

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