"VinFast Customers in the US Can Utilize Tesla Charging Stations for Convenient Charging"

 Non-Tesla car owners can pay per charge, or register as a member for 12.99 USD/month (308,000 VND) to receive a discount on each charge. Cars from other brands will be charged higher charging fees than Tesla cars.

Unlike in Europe, the Tesla Supercharger fast charging station network in the US uses special connectors that cannot be shared with other brands' vehicles. Now, when deciding to open charging stations for cars of other brands, Tesla installed a device called "Magic Dock" which has a charging port combined with CCS. This is the charging port standard used by most electric vehicle manufacturers in North America for fast charging, and is also the type equipped for VinFast electric vehicles.

Customers who buy VinFast cars in the US can charge using Tesla - 2 poles

The jack supports CCS standard charging port (Photo: NACS).

Like with Tesla cars, electric cars from other brands are also charged a space-occupancy fee if the driver leaves the car plugged in for too long. Tesla said it will monitor vehicles entering and exiting charging stations to control congestion and other problems that may occur.

Opening Supercharger fast charging stations for vehicles from other brands is also beneficial for Tesla. The company believes that more customers using the Supercharger network will allow for faster expansion. "Our goal is to learn and practice quickly, while continuing to expand our network, so that we can accommodate both Tesla and other vehicles at every Supercharger station across the country." world," the company said.

This can be considered an extremely favorable development for VinFast electric vehicles' journey to conquer the US market, because the battery charging problem is still one of the barriers that makes customers confused when facing the decision to buy a car. electricity.

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