Customers who buy VinFast cars in the US can charge using Tesla poles

 The modern Supercharger charging station network, which has traditionally been only for Tesla cars, will now accept electric cars from other brands, including VinFast.

Tesla has allowed other companies' electric vehicles to use its charging posts in Europe for months, and will now do the same in the US. This is part of President Biden's $7.5 billion plan to increase electric vehicle charging options for Americans, thereby increasing electric car ownership rates.

Customers who buy VinFast cars in the US can charge using Tesla poles - 1

From now until the end of 2024, Tesla will open at least 7,500 charging stations across the United States so that other brands' electric vehicles can also use (Photo: The Verge).

Charging the battery at a Tesla Supercharger will be a very different experience for non-Tesla electric car owners. Unlike most electric vehicle charging stations, the Tesla Supercharger is extremely simple, with no touchscreen or payment kiosk. Tesla collects money through applications on mobile devices.

First, car owners need to download the Tesla application for iOS or Android operating systems, then create a Tesla account. Then, the car owner selects the 'Charging non-Tesla vehicles' mode and finds the location of the charging post that opens the door for the car outside.

After finding a suitable pole, the car owner can plug in the cord and start charging - select 'Start Charging'. When completed, the vehicle owner needs to select the 'Stop Charging' command on the application to finish.

Instructions for charging batteries for electric vehicles of other brands at Tesla's fast charging station (Video: Tesla).

These operations seem simple, but are actually more complicated than for Tesla car owners. They just need to stop the car and plug in the charger. The charging port on the car even automatically opens when approaching the Supercharger charging station. The payment mechanism is also much different.

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