The world's best-selling mini electric car is about to be assembled

 Wuling HongGuang MiniEV, a mini electric car model with a 2-door and four-seat design, will be manufactured, assembled and distributed in Vietnam through cooperation with a domestic company.

In recent days, many car groups on social networks have been buzzing about the news that a cheap electric car model may enter the Vietnamese market. This information attracts the attention of many people because for most domestic customers, cars are still expensive products. In addition, being an electric car model makes the community look forward to it even more.

Very soon after, TMT Automobile Joint Stock Company (TMT Motors) confirmed that it had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the joint venture General Motors (GM) - (Saic - Wuling), to produce, assemble and distribute exclusively this company's electric car rights in Vietnam. The first product to be deployed will be the Wuling HongGuang MiniEV - the world's best-selling mini electric car.

The world's best-selling mini electric car is about to be assembled in Vietnam - 1

Wuling HongGuang MiniEV is considered the model that opens the mini electric car segment in Vietnam (Photo: Sanook).

To realize this goal, the joint venture said the HongGuang MiniEV model will be assembled at TMT's automobile factory in Van Lam district (Hung Yen) with a capacity of 30,000 vehicles/year and may increase in the future. . In addition to the HongGuang MiniEV, TMT Motors said it is also researching and considering introducing other electric car models according to the cooperation roadmap.

Detailed product information and selling price of Wuling HongGuang MiniEV have not been announced. The above unknowns will likely be shared, and at the same time, start accepting deposits for this electric car model from the second quarter.

TMT Motors is an enterprise manufacturing and trading commercial vehicles in Vietnam with nearly 50 years of experience. Domestic customers mainly know the company through its truck and tractor models. Meanwhile, the joint venture GM - (Saic - Wuling) was established in 2002, is a cooperation of three companies including General Motors - USA (holding 44% of shares), SAIC Motor (50.1%) and Wuling Motors (5.9%).

What does the Wuling HongGuang MiniEV electric car have?

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