Switzerland plans to ban electric cars

 The ban on electric cars may be applied under certain conditions.

Europe is facing a cold winter while the military conflict in Ukraine has not cooled down, so Switzerland has planned to prepare for the effects of energy shortages. The country is expected to limit the use of electric cars if this energy supply is scarce.

Switzerland plans to ban electric cars for an understandable reason - 1

Usually there is only news about banning internal combustion engine vehicles to encourage the use of electric cars, but Switzerland is likely to have to do the opposite if there is a shortage of electricity in the winter (Photo: Shutterstock).

German newspaper Der Spiegel said that Switzerland has drafted a draft to limit the use of electric cars, but it will only apply in cases of level 3 electricity shortage across the country.

"The use of electricity for personal cars will be limited to especially necessary purposes, such as buying essential goods, going to the doctor, participating in religious events, going to court... if it occurs level 3 electricity shortage.

However, even if electricity supply is not that scarce, a number of other measures have been prepared to limit electricity consumption. 

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