VinFast Prepares to Export 1,800 VF 8 Cars to the US and Canada

 According to VinFast America's website, VF 8 Eco is equipped with an 87.7kWh battery, allowing the car to travel up to 293 miles (471km) after a single charge, according to WLTP standards. Meanwhile, the City Edition has an 82kWh battery with a range of 207 miles (333km) according to EPA standards.

The measurement standards are different so it is not possible to accurately compare the distance traveled after a single charge between the two models above. The estimated 471km according to WLTP standards can be converted to approximately 420km according to EPA standards. With a larger battery pack plus optimized software capabilities, the VF 8 Eco about to be exported to the US promises better operating range than the VF 8 City Edition.

Meanwhile, VinFast VF 8 Eco version for the Vietnamese market has an 82kWh battery, according to specifications on the manufacturer's website. The vehicle's operating range on a single charge is 420km, according to WLTP standards. Comparing purely based on numbers, the VF 8 Eco version about to be exported to the US has a larger battery and a longer range than the version in Vietnam.

However, the range of all-electric vehicles can be improved through software updates. At the end of March, VinFast released the FRS6.0/7.0 upgrade to help optimize energy consumption, allowing the VF e34 to travel up to 318km on a single charge (according to NEDC standards), while the original parameters Declared starting distance is 285km.

In the first quarter of 2023, VinFast sold 773 VF e34s and 865 VF 8s. From March 27, the company's product portfolio added VF 9 when it started handing over this large SUV model to customers. Thus, VinFast's accumulated sales in the first quarter of 2023 are 1,689 electric cars.

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