Controversy in Switzerland: Plans to Ban Electric Cars Stir Debate

 For example, households will have to limit the water temperature for dishwashers to a maximum of 40⁰C, while luxury appliances such as leaf sweepers, garden heaters, cable car seat heaters, etc. will all be affected. ban. Video streaming platforms are required to only show videos in standard format and not HD.

Currently, these measures are only in drafts. If there really is a power shortage, the measures will be adjusted and only then will they be made mandatory. If they are implemented, Switzerland will be the first country in the world to have restrictions on electric cars.

Most of Switzerland's electricity comes from hydropower, but it still imports electricity from France and Germany. This is not the only country in Europe today looking to reduce energy consumption.

For example, Germany has regulations that prohibit the use of gas or electricity to humidify private swimming pools. 

Meanwhile, office buildings can only turn on heating at a maximum of 19 degrees. Electricity prices in Germany are so high that VW group leaders recently said that Europe will become less competitive in battery production and may be less competitive in attracting investment compared to countries in the North. America, Asia and North Africa.

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