"Introducing the Ford Explorer Pure Electric Version: Advancing Innovation in Automobile Technology"

 Although it has the same style as the entertainment screen on the Explorer EV, it is buried in the center console, instead of being placed completely up front like in the Mach E model. The screen also leans back more and can be moved to suit. with different rider heights. Behind the screen is a "secret" compartment used to store valuables.

There's also no rotary control knob at the bottom of the screen like on the Mustang Mach E, and the large center console (enough to hold a 15-inch laptop) has a design more similar to a traditional internal combustion engine SUV than a Disruptive design of many electric car models, including VW ID.4.

Ford Explorer pure electric version launched, breaking the design compared to gasoline cars - 3

The center console area has a spacious storage compartment.

Ford's press release does not mention much about the technical specifications of the Explorer EV, does not say which battery pack and which VW electric motor the car uses, but according to Auto Express, the standard Explorer EV will be equipped with Equipped with a single 168 horsepower motor combined with a 52kWh battery pack, the vehicle can travel 351km per charge, but can only charge with a capacity of 130kW, does not support fast charging.

Other options include: 228 horsepower single motor combined with a 77kWh battery pack charging at a capacity of 170kW, giving the car the ability to travel 539km per charge; The highest version uses two electric motors, creating a full-time AWD 4-wheel drive system, with a capacity of 335 horsepower and the ability to travel 491km/charge.

Ford Explorer pure electric version launched, breaking the design compared to gasoline cars - 4

Explorer EV is capable of charging the battery from 10% to 80% in 25 minutes with the DC fast charging system.

The car is equipped with a number of new safety technologies, such as lane change assist and collision risk warning when the car leaves the parking space. Some other notable standard equipment include: driver's seat with massage feature, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, keyless lock, and tailgate with hands-free opening feature.

Some detailed images of Ford Explorer EV:

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