"Ford's Electric Cars to Share Charging Infrastructure with Tesla: A Strategic Collaboration in EV Charging Network"

 Ford said that from the beginning of next year, Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning and E-Transit car owners can use Supercharger fast charging posts thanks to the converter.

However, from 2025, Ford will equip vehicles with NACS standard charging port, car owners do not need an adapter and can still use Tesla's Supercharger fast charging post.

According to Ford, the Tesla Supercharger fast charging station network has high durability and smaller, lighter NACS chargers. Therefore, this will bring a better experience to customers.

Meanwhile, Tesla's charging infrastructure director said that opening the Supercharger fast charging network to Ford owners in particular and other electric vehicles in general will accelerate the transition to sustainable energy use. .

Tesla has been opening up its Supercharger network to all automakers for some time now through its Magic Dock adapter. This allows vehicles equipped with the standard CCS1 charging port to use the Tesla Supercharger.

Aptera Motors has confirmed it will use the NACS charging port standard. However, no other major automaker has committed to using the NACS charging port, except for Ford's announcement above.

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