2024 Super electric car sets two speed records

 5 years after setting the 0-100km/h acceleration record, the Aspark Owl electric supercar has now broken another speed record.

On May 23 at Alvington Airport in northern England, the Aspark Owl electric car model from Japan set a Guinness world record for average speed when running 400m and 200m drag.

With a distance of 200m, the car reaches an average speed of 309.02km/h, and with a distance of 400m, the car reaches 318.85km/h.

The Japanese electric super car was certified by Guinness World Records as setting two speed records (Video: YouTube).

Is a product of the R&D Department of the Japanese company named Aspark Co. Ltd., the Owl supercar has a capacity of 1,980 horsepower and a torque of 2000Nm. It seems that engineers have focused all their attention on performance, so the vehicle's weight has been cut to just 850kg. The car body is made of carbon fiber material, weighs only 50 kg, covered with a tubular frame.

 This electric supercar can accelerate from 0-97km/h in just 1.72 seconds, has a maximum speed of nearly 420km/h and a range of more than 400km after each charge. It takes 40 minutes to fully charge the battery.

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