2024 Top 10 Best-Selling Electric Cars Worldwide Revealed"

 The car model ranked 3rd in the Top 10 best-selling electric cars in the world is Wuling Hongguang Mini EV.

 This tiny car has become a model for electric cars in China, the world's largest electric vehicle market. This car model achieved sales of 443,400 units, closely following the Model 3. One of the reasons this car model is popular is its selling price, and another reason is that it has become an extremely ideal solution for many consumers in the US. China.

Top 10 best-selling electric cars in the world in 2022: Chinese cars account for 2/3 - 2

The list of Top 10 best-selling electric car models in the world has up to 7 cars from China (Photo: Motor1).

China's trend of buying tiny electric cars has just begun. Cheap, attractive and competitive cars may be the only choice for many people looking for a new SUV.

Hongguang is not the only Chinese car company to appear in the Top 10. BYD Dolphin, an interesting small car, has achieved sales of more than 200,000 cars. Instead of Wuling, the Dolphin model has more potential in markets outside the US.

Where do European electric cars stand?

The Volkswagen ID.4 was the best-selling European electric car model in the world that year, with sales increasing 53% to 175,600 vehicles; Of which, 47% is consumed in China, 39% in Europe, and 13% in the US-Canada.

The next position is Volkswagen ID.3 with sales of 77,900 units, an increase of only 4%, mainly consumed in Europe (68%). In third place is the Fiat 500, then the BMW iX3, Polestar 2, Skoda Enyaq, Dacia Spring, Peugeot 208, Mini Hatch, and Volvo XC40 BEV.

In general, European car models are still far from becoming global products like the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. This is an alarming fact for the auto industry in particular.

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