Car Owners Go 'Crazy' Over This Feature in Electric Cars

 "Having an electric car means we can drink tea anytime and anywhere. My workers feel extremely excited," Mr. Liu said. The electric car even "saved" Mr. Liu. 

That was when he needed to charge an electric drill in a newly built house that he didn't know had electricity. "If it weren't for the car, I probably would have wasted my time and effort going there in vain," he said.

He also used his hybrid crossover to run the heater at a friend's house in 2019 when the house lost power for 20 hours, helping his friend's parents - both in their 70s - from the cold.

Mr. Liu is one of a growing number of electric car owners who are discovering that their cars are not only cleaner and cheaper to operate, but can also become generators for daily living and work. days and in emergencies.

Liu Xiao, 38, started bringing a travel grill in his hybrid car on weekend trips when he discovered that he no longer had to worry about his children being burned by a barbecue fire. Liu often carries a can of gasoline to add fuel to the car's battery charger. He excitedly said that in the summer, his family used the car to run the fan when showing outdoor movies.

"The car has brought us interesting experiences," he said.

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