The world's fastest electric supercar costs more than 2 million USD

 Rimac Nevera has become the fastest electric car in the world after reaching a speed record of 412km/h.

This is an incredible achievement for an all-electric street-legal (not race car) car.

The driver of the Rimac Nevera to set a new world speed record is Miro Zrnčević - the main test driver of Bugatti Rimac. And the place of implementation is the famous oval Papenburg racetrack in Germany with two straight sections up to 4km long.

Electric supercar costing more than 2 million USD sets a speed record (Video: Rimac).

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The speed record that the Rimac Nevera just established is also the highest speed recorded on the Papenburg racetrack. 412km/h is a higher speed than the record of 407km/h that the gasoline-powered Bugatti Veyron set in 2005, but lower than the record of 490.48km/h that the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ achieved in 2019.

Currently, the official speed record belongs to the SSC Tuatara model, reaching an average of 474.8km/h after two runs forward and backward.

The world's fastest electric supercar costs more than 2 million USD, surpassing the Bugatti Veyron - 1 in speed

Nevera is designed with the standard supercar shape - thin, pointed nose, low chassis (Photo: Rimac).

The Rimac Nevera that just set a speed record was equipped with a set of Michelin Cup 2R tires that were thoroughly inspected by Michelin technicians before the car started. There are no modifications or upgrades compared to the original car sold on the market, other than removing the speed limit used to protect the tires.

However, Rimac says all Nevera vehicles can reach speeds of 412km/h in special events, with the support of Rimac experts and under strictly controlled conditions.

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