Car owners are "crazy" with this feature on electric cars

 Both electric car manufacturers and owners are now discovering that the car they bought to reduce operating costs and help protect the environment has an extremely useful and interesting feature.

It's a two-way charging feature - the electric car's battery can be used to power electronic devices or even home lighting.

Although not standard equipment on all cars, this feature is increasingly popular on new electric car models. Typical models include Nissan Leaf, Ford F-150 Lightning, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6 and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

Unfortunately, VinFast's two electric car models currently sold on the market, VF e34 and VF 8, are not equipped with two-way charging features. Meanwhile, VF 9 and the remaining electric car models of VinFast still need to wait for the commercial version to have official information.

Car owner

Various sockets on an electric car (Photo: Bloomberg).

Two-way charging is especially popular in China, where one in five new cars is electric.

Every morning, as gentle winds blow through his construction site in southern China, 57-year-old Liu Jianhong invites workers over to enjoy a cup of hot tea. Mr. Liu's company in Shaanxi province often accepts projects in areas without electricity grid. He boiled water for tea using electricity from a domestic BYD brand hybrid car. After just a few minutes, the water in the kettle boiled and the morning "tea party" at the construction site could begin.

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