Aehra SUV Electric Car Makes Waves with Customizable Screen Technology

 There's a smaller touchscreen mounted in the center console, giving the driver access to all controls. The rare physical buttons on the car are the gear knob in the "saddle" area and the buttons on the multi-function steering wheel.

Aehra SUV electric car impresses with its super customizable screen - 4

The steering wheel has a rectangular design and integrates a digital strip that displays the most important information.

The interior lighting system and premium Italian hand-stitched leather seats highlight the premium feel inside the cabin. Each seat is made from aluminum, recyclable carbon fiber, and leather.

According to Aehra, this SUV has enough interior space for four tall NBA basketball players to sit comfortably. The car has both 4 and 5 seat configurations. Rear legroom is quite impressive, thanks to its aerodynamic shape, all-electric powertrain and 3m wheelbase.

After the Aehra SUV, the company will launch a pure electric sedan in April next year. It is expected that the first batches of both models will reach customers by the end of 2025. This young brand focuses on key markets including: North America, Europe, China and other countries.

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