Why do current electric cars often fail?

 With the continuous increase in the number of electric cars globally, the frequency of fire incidents and loss of control of these vehicles is also increasing. Many people ask why is this so?

A study by Deloitte found that global consumers' biggest concerns about electric cars center on range and lack of charging points. But in China, 31% of those surveyed expressed concern about the safety of battery technology. Electric vehicle battery fires have attracted media attention.

"According to our statistics, fires caused by batteries or electrical wires and connections account for more than half of the causes of electric vehicle fires," said Wang Tianrui, Deputy Director of the Fire Prevention Supervision Department of the Fire Department of the Administration. China Emergency Management said.

Electric vehicle batteries catch fire quickly. Once ignited, they will generally burn intensely and burn for a long time. Conventional fire extinguishers also have difficulty controlling the emergence or spread of fires. In addition, the prolonged fire duration causes firefighting to face new challenges.

According to statistics from the Fire and Rescue Department of the Chinese Ministry of Emergency Management, from January to October this year, a total of 2,105 electric vehicle fires occurred in this country, an average of 7 cases per day. Compared to 2021, this data has increased by 32%.

There are also incidents of loss of control of new energy vehicles, especially on Tesla, Weilai and other car models. The probability of error is relatively high.

Why do current electric cars often fail? - first

Recently, it was reported that on November 29 in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China, a Tesla lost control and crashed into 14 traffic cones. It is believed that the cause was due to broken steering and brakes.

Not long ago, a few other Teslas also caused two major traffic accidents in Chaozhou, Guangdong and Taizhou, Zhejiang due to the car losing control, causing a lot of attention online.

Of course, the problems with new energy vehicles go beyond spontaneous combustion and loss of control. Severely reduced travel range, car system problems... are also more common errors in new energy vehicles.

Why do new energy vehicles have so many problems compared with traditional fuel vehicles?

Why do current electric cars often fail? - 2

Phones have batteries and electric cars also use batteries (Photo: Sina).

In essence, we can see that electric cars are "mobile phones" with four wheels.

Many years ago, Li Shufu, the so-called "car fanatic" and chairman of Geely Auto, once said that a car is essentially four wheels mounted on a few sofas. .

Today, with the popularity of automobile electrification and artificial intelligence, cars have evolved from "sofas with four wheels" to "four-wheeled mobile phones".

Consumers who may have purchased new energy vehicles will deeply understand this statement.

Why do current electric cars often fail? - 3

Electric vehicles are increasingly integrated with many smart features (Photo: Sina).

Nowadays, many new energy vehicles not only have relatively basic smart configurations such as voice recognition function, L2 level driving assistance, sensor car keys, and remote control via apps. mobile application. Furthermore, in some electric car models, we cannot even find physical buttons inside the car.

All functions are performed by the car's central control screen, like a smart mobile phone today.

More importantly, many vehicles are equipped with OTA (remote management implementation technology) functions that are much more powerful than you can imagine.

Not only can it upgrade the car's operating system, but it can also learn your driving habits and change power according to your daily driving conditions.

In other words, current new energy vehicles are already "smart" and can control themselves.

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