2024 Xiaomi Unveils its Electric Car Model: A New Era of Mobility

 If you look closely at the Xiaomi MS11, you can see the silhouettes of some famous sports cars. For example, at the front, the headlights and front bumper have a very similar design to that of McLaren. The rear of the car has a split-level design, with horizontal taillights similar to the Aston Martin DBS style. Meanwhile, the rims look somewhat similar to the design on the Lamborghini Huracan Evo.

These design details are not necessarily plagiarism, but just insipid. It can be said that it is a type of learning that can be imitated.

On the roof of the car there is a Lidar sensor and recessed door handles which are the car's technological highlights.

Battery and engine specifications have not yet been disclosed, but according to Car News China, the car will use batteries from CATL and BYD, and the electric motor is self-developed by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi MS11's competitors will be cars like Afeela - an electric sedan jointly developed by Sony and Honda.

Some detailed images of car parts:

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