2024 Elon Musk evaluates Tesla's biggest competitors

 Many car manufacturers in the world want to compete for Tesla's throne in the electric vehicle market, but according to Mr. Elon Musk, a Chinese car company has the highest ability to do this.

Mr. Musk revealed this when asked about Chinese competitors. He emphasized that Chinese automakers "try the hardest and are also the smartest. If I had to make a prediction, perhaps a certain Chinese company is most likely to compete with Tesla."

In fact, there is already a Chinese company competing closely with Tesla in the electric vehicle market. Maybe Mr. Musk also knew but did not want to name it. It's BYD.

Elon Musk estimates that Tesla's biggest rival will be Chinese electric cars - 1

From left to right are BYD's Seal, Atto 3 and Dolphin electric car models (Photo: Push EVs).

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