2024 Xiaomi's electric car model revealed

 This is a product that marks Xiaomi's commitment to the automotive field. The car is expected to be on the market next year.

Chinese technology company Xiaomi, known for its phone and consumer electronics products, will expand into the automotive sector. Before its official launch next year, the company's electric sedan was revealed on a number of Chinese websites and social networks, such as Weibo.

Xiaomi's electric car model revealed, has a sports sedan appearance - 1

There is no information about the battery pack, but the electric motor will be developed by Xiaomi itself (Photo: Weibo).

Xiaomi established its automotive development department in 2021, after acquiring autonomous driving technology company Deepmotion Tech, and then built an electric vehicle factory soon after. They had their first engineering prototype last summer, and now the actual production version, called MS11.

The overall design of this sedan is quite beautiful, with the appearance of a sportback sports car. The reason is that electric cars need to be highly aerodynamic, but the reality is that even if they are not electric cars, this design is still a trend.

Xiaomi's electric car model revealed, has a sports sedan appearance - 2

This sedan has a sportback design (Photo: Weibo).





Adding a sporty look to the car are air vents on both sides of the wheel fenders, along with bright yellow Brembo brakes.

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