2024 An automatic parking space costs the equivalent of nearly 15 billion VND

 Driving a car in big cities can be an "obsession", but it's nothing compared to having to find a parking spot. This automated parking system can be a great solution.

Construction units understand that they need to provide parking spaces to convince potential home buyers to spend money, but parking lots take up a lot of space and are often cramped, so many people don't want to use them.

Therefore, some real estate companies in New York have come up with a high-tech solution, applying the effective operating mechanism of car vending machines to some of the city's most luxurious apartment buildings to providing parking spaces for some wealthy residents.

With this system, finding a parking space will no longer be a "nightmare" (Video: CNBC).

Locations in this automated parking lot will range in price from 300,000 USD to 595,000 USD (equivalent to 7.4-15 billion VND),

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