Insufficient Range: Toyota bZ4X Electric Car Falls Short on Expected Distance

 The parameters that the company announced according to WLTP standards are in ideal conditions, but in reality, reporters tested the car in cold Scandinavia in the winter, which is not ideal conditions for electric vehicle batteries.

 However, reporters did not test the car in subzero conditions, only about 4 degrees Celsius. More importantly, Toyota's car performed worse than other electric car models that FDM magazine reporters tested in such conditions. similar.

For example, a Tesla Model Y Long Range actually runs a distance of 355km compared to the manufacturer's specification of 507km according to WLTP standards, which is 70%. Both Mercedes EQA and Volkswagen ID.4 models only reached 67%.

The car battery has a smaller capacity than advertised

Søren W. Rasmussen, editor in charge of the automotive technical section of FDM magazine, said that in fact, the Toyota bZ4X's battery pack is smaller than advertised and that may be the reason for the remarkable test results. said disappointment.

Specifically, according to official specifications, the battery pack has a capacity of 71.4kWh, but the actual measurement result of FDM is only about 60kWh. That means the car can run shorter distances on a full battery and less when the car's battery is running low.

What does Toyota say?

Toyota GB said Toyota Europe and Toyota headquarters in Japan are investigating the above information. Initially, a Toyota Denmark spokesman said that the cause may lie in the lack of consistency in reporting the vehicle's remaining battery capacity.

It is expected that next week there will be a preliminary conclusion on this.

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