2024 The Price of Convenience: Automatic Parking Space Costs Nearly 15 Billion VND Equivalent

  while the apartments themselves cost up to millions of USD. The reason is that this system has a maintenance cost of 150 USD/month for each parking space. But for those who have bought supercars and luxury cars, such fees are still acceptable.

"It sounds crazy, but $300,000 for a parking spot in a residential area is considered a reasonable price in New York City," said Senada Adzem, a real estate broker in Florida.

The principle of operation will be as follows: you will drive your car to a predetermined space in the garage, using your ID card to open access. The car scanning camera will work to check whether the doors and trunk are closed, then take the car to store in the rack system.

When you want to get your car back, just swipe the card back on the original reader, choose a direction so the system can turn the car, helping the driver not have to reverse the car. Total delivery/pickup time is just over 2 minutes.

Not having to back out of a parking space is very attractive to many drivers, because those who can afford to live here are more likely to own large SUVs or supercars. Meanwhile, real estate companies love this system because there is no need to waste space on ramps and two-way lanes for vehicles to get up and down.

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