What does Vertu phone have that attracts high-income groups

 The purchasing power of Vertu luxury phones in the Vietnamese market after nearly 2 years of having an exclusive genuine product distributor surprised the company.

In recent years, luxury goods in the Vietnamese market are growing significantly, as evidenced by the appearance of many headquarters and stores of many luxury brands in the world. Among them, the "big guy" in the high-end technology and luxury segment - the Vertu brand, has only returned to Vietnam for nearly 2 years but has brought amazing results.

Many people are surprised that Vertu's customer base in Vietnam is expanding and rejuvenating significantly even though its products are completely in the high-end segment with prices only suitable for people with high incomes.

Vietnamese youth are attracted by the status-elevating design and advanced security technology of Metavertu 2.

Among them, Vertu Vietnam's new customers are young people from wealthy families or with good incomes. They boldly buy Vertu phones, especially the Metavertu 2 series, to both use the proper functions of a smartphone and carry it with them as a luxurious piece of jewelry, expressing personality and class.

Brand value determines purchasing behavior

The psychology of choosing products because of the brand's value is the behavior of the majority of consumers, especially in the middle-high segment. For luxury brands, this is even more true when many people freely share that they buy products for the purpose of owning, collecting or asserting their own position, not buying for use. like a regular item.

Particularly for Vertu - the world's most high-end and luxury technology brand with a position for decades, the fact that customers want to own their products to enhance their position and show class is also the reason. important to promote this brand's rapid development in the Vietnamese market.

Each Vertu product is unique in the world.

Unique and rare elements increase the value of personalization

Compared to using a high-end phone that everyone can easily own with the same design and style... the upper class, the super-rich, and Vertu's customer base decided to choose Vertu phones immediately, even though They have to pay up to billions of dollars.

For Vertu users, this phone is not only a mobile device but also a unique work of art, a highly valuable and "unique" piece of jewelry.

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“Every Vertu phone is a unique product. In addition to materials made from rare, high-value materials such as crocodile leather, diamonds, carbon, gold..., the process is completely handmade by the world's leading artisans with their signatures on each piece. The products created also create the special value of Vertu phones. Because of this, many Vertu Vietnam customers are willing to wait a long time to order and customize details so that their phone has a personal touch, becoming the only version in the world. world", a representative of Vertu Vietnam shared.

Vertu customers in Vietnam are willing to spend money to own a unique Vertu, with a personal touch.

The world's most advanced security technology

Before launching smartphones, Vertu was famous for the quality and security of ceramic materials. When Vertu smartphones were born, customers were more attracted to absolute security technology, helping them feel more secure in protecting personal data, digital assets and important information.

In particular, the Metavertu line is the first phone in the world to use Web3.0 with absolute data and information security. This is an extremely important factor for the super-rich, businessmen or politicians who are willing to spend money to own Vertu phones to protect their assets and data.

Services - exclusive privileges for customers

Outstanding service and exclusive privileges for Vertu customers with 24/7 support deliver a great experience and satisfy these elite, upper-class customers. Only with high-end phone lines like Vertu, customers can enjoy special services that other phone companies cannot provide.

Customers using genuine Vertu will enjoy all privileges from Vertu Vietnam.

At Vertu Vietnam, all products are distributed officially and officially in Vietnam, with documents proving origin and commitment to quality according to Vertu's standards. In particular, all imported products have been strictly inspected by the Department of Telecommunications, absolutely ensuring the rights of customers.

Vertu currently only exclusively distributes genuine, official and official products in the Vietnamese market through 2 stores in the city. HCM: Caravelle Saigon Hotel 19-23 Cong Truong Lam Son, District 1 and 71 Dong Khoi, District 1. Besides these t

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