watchOS 11 has a hidden feature that Apple Watch fans are looking forward to

 Apple Watch users will no longer feel bored with familiar sounds.

Apple recently introduced a series of significant upgrades to watchOS 11 at WWDC 2024, focusing on improving health and fitness features.

However, there is another interesting highlight that was not mentioned on stage, which is the ability to customize ringtones on Apple Watch.

Apple Watch running watchOS 11 will have the ability to customize ringtones.

With watchOS 11, Apple Watch users will no longer be bored with the default Pebble ringtones. Instead, they can choose from eight new ringtone options, including Nighthawk, Wonder and Twirl, to personalize their wearable.

Not only call ringtones, users can also change notification tones for messages, notifications and reminders. This is a big step forward in providing a more personalized experience for Apple Watch users.

In addition to ringtone customization, watchOS 11 also brings many other valuable improvements such as live activity support, a dedicated health tracking app, activity ring pause, and new Smart Stack widgets.

Although Apple has not explained why the ringtone customization feature was not mentioned during the WWDC 2024 event, this move shows that the company is listening and responding to user needs.

Recently, a firefighter was saved when he was found to have had a heart attack thanks to his Apple Watch.

According to Global News (Canada), this time, Apple Watch saved the life of a firefighter who had a heart attack. While playing street hockey with his son, Travis Chalmers, 44, living in Elmsdale, Nova Scotia, had a severe headache and felt a "hot feeling" in his chest.

Sharing with Global News, this man said: "About half an hour later, I had to lie down on the bed and my heart was still pounding in my chest." When he checked his Apple Watch, the firefighter found that he was suffering from atrial fibrillation - an irregular heartbeat that can signal an impending stroke or heart failure.

The 44-year-old man decided to go to the hospital. This man recounted:

“When I talked about my symptoms and the atrial fibrillation warning on my watch, the doctors told me I was probably having a heart attack.”

Doctors told him that his troponin levels were very high, indicating damage to his heart. Other tests were enough to conclude that Chalmers had had a heart attack. He stayed in the hospital for a week and had more tests done to confirm and one of his arteries was 100% clogged. Doctors concluded that the artery was completely blocked. Travis had two children and was very healthy before his heart attack. He will have to take medication every day for the rest of his life.

His family has little history of heart disease and this man has warned others: a heart attack can strike anyone, at any time. You can improve your chances of survival by detecting problems early, and that's what the Apple Watch can do.

Alerts from smart help watches doctors look deeper into patient problems

Dr. Ciorsti MacIntyre, a cardiologist at Halifax's QEII hospital, also promotes devices like the Apple Watch because they can alert users immediately when they have an irregular heart rhythm.

Dr. MacIntyre said:

"Many patients come to us with information from their wearable devices. The watch can detect irregularities in heart rhythm and besides atrial fibrillation which is a common cause of such irregularities, Many other causes can also lead to this condition."

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Besides, the female doctor also said that these devices tend to make certain information appear more serious than it actually is. The watches work quite well, she asserts, but we don't make our decisions based on one watch. The results of the watch will be reviewed further by us using medical devices.

Apple Watch.

In other words, acting as a first line of defense, devices like the Apple Watch can alert users to the problem they are experiencing and recommend they go to the hospital. This will be where doctors use more advanced technology products to diagnose and predict diseases.

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