This is the new "mantra" for Apple products

 In the near future, new Apple devices will adopt a new design language, including the iPhone.

Last month, a rumor confirmed that the ultra-thin iPhone - iPhone Slim is expected to replace the iPhone 16 Plus in 2025. Haitong Securities analyst Jeff Pu discussed this model. The ultra-thin iPhone will have a Thinner design, have a 6.6-inch screen and have a price far higher than the iPhone 17 Pro Max.

A subsequent report said the device will have an aluminum frame, a smaller Dynamic Island area, and an improved front-facing FaceTime camera. The rear camera module will move from the left corner to the top center.

Now, according to Bloomberg, analyst Mark Gurman has provided some more information about the iPhone 17 series. formation, Apple's announcement of the ultra-thin iPad Pro (2024) tablet line last month is just the beginning. for the new trend of Apple products - making them Thinner, including MacBook, Apple Watch, and iPhone.

Gurman confirmed that "Apple" is working on developing a "significantly thinner iPhone in time for the iPhone 17 series in 2025." The source also says that Apple wants to provide consumers with the thinnest and lightest products in each device category.

Apple devices will become Thinner and Thinner but still integrate many high-end technologies.

Apple devices will become Thinner and Thinner but still integrate many high-end technologies.

There was a time when Apple was forced to add more thickness to its devices to accommodate larger batteries, improved cameras, and more features. But thanks to an impressive new chip and parallel OLED technology - which makes the screen Thinner on the new M4 iPad Pro tablet, the latter version is much Thinner than the 2022 version.

For example, the 13-inch iPad Pro (2024) is only 5.1mm thick, 20% Thinner than the 6.4mm thickness of the iPad Pro 2022 version. In addition, the 13-inch iPad Pro (2024) also weighs 1.28 pounds - 1.5 pounds lighter than the previous model. In other words, Thinner and lighter designs will become the new standard for Apple in the next few years.

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