Does AI motivate iFan to "launch" the iPhone 16 Series?

 Can the Apple Intelligence feature motivate iFan to upgrade to the new iPhone 16 series?

After the Developer Conference - WWDC 2024 last week, where Apple introduced the Apple Intelligence features that will be available on its iPhones later this year, most of the public wants to experience the exciting Siri assistant with its iPhones. New iPhone.

Currently, the iPhones compatible with the Apple Intelligence feature are the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, both of which are powered by Apple's A17 Pro system-on-chip. Looking ahead, Apple Intelligence-enabled iPhones will increase in the fall - when the iPhone 16 models arrive.

This means that after the iPhone upgrade later this year, iFan will enter the brave new world of Apple Intelligence-equipped devices.

Research director at IDC - Nabila Popal shared:

“Apple Intelligence will undoubtedly drive a hyper-accelerated upgrade cycle for Apple in the coming years as consumers will crave these AI features, which are only available on the latest high-end iPhones.

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While the Apple Intelligence features announced are significant, the innovations introduced aren't really the main reason people buy new phones or change ecosystems.

Of course, iPhone sales could increase thanks to Apple Intelligence features in the long run, reflecting what many people thought immediately after seeing the AI-powered features in action.

What Apple Intelligence Means for the iPhone

Whether the iPhone 16 Series is in consumers' immediate plans or not, Apple Intelligence is an important part of the future iPhone experience. At the same time, AI will be a key driver of smartphone innovation across the industry.

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