Successfully researched tear-powered batteries for smart contact lenses

 Tear-charged batteries: A technological breakthrough for smart contact lenses and beyond.

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have successfully developed an ultra-thin battery, capable of charging with tears, opening up the future for smart contact lenses and other medical devices.

Inspired by science fiction movies like Mission: Impossible, where agents use smart contact lenses with many outstanding features, researchers have sought to solve the difficult problem of energy sources. quantity for this type of device.

Tears can charge smart contact lens batteries.

The new battery is only half the thickness of a human hair, is made from biosafe materials and can be charged in two ways: through the traditional wired method or by chemical reaction with glucose in tears. The interesting thing is that the more you cry, the more fully charged your battery becomes.

However, currently, this type of battery only produces a voltage of 0.3-0.6V, which is not enough to power complex AR features such as data storage or internet connection. Scientists are working to improve battery performance to soon put it into commercial applications.

Besides smart contact lenses, this battery technology also has potential applications in the medical field, especially in non-invasive blood sugar monitoring in diabetic patients through measuring glucose levels in water. eye.

With an expected production cost of just a few dollars per battery, this is considered a promising technological breakthrough, opening the door to unprecedented future applications.

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