Specifications of Galaxy Watch 7 "accidentally" fully revealed

 The specifications of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 have been "accidentally" revealed in full on Amazon Canada's website.

Samsung will hold the Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10, 2024 in Paris to introduce many new products, including the Galaxy Watch 7 series. However, some information about this smart watch model has been leaked. leaked on the Amazon Canada website before being taken down.

Specifications of Galaxy Watch 7 "accidentally" fully revealed - 1

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 leak is quite interesting, although the image depicts a Chromebook. Here are the highlights mentioned:

Better heart rate tracking: The Galaxy Watch 7 may have a new sensor for more accurate heart rate monitoring, especially during workouts and sleep.

Faster processor: The watch can be equipped with a new super-fast chip that makes operation smoother and saves more battery.

Specifications of Galaxy Watch 7 "accidentally" fully revealed - 2

The leaked information also mentions a number of features using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. According to information on the Amazon page, the Galaxy Watch 7 may have AI features such as:

Smarter message replies: The watch can suggest quick and smart replies to your messages.

AI assistant for health and habits: The watch could have a built-in AI coach that offers personalized advice on sleep, exercise, and staying in touch with people.

Samsung's website also highlights a number of AI-powered features for the Galaxy Watch line, including smart replies for messages and a personalized AI assistant for sleep, fitness, and communication.

Galaxy Watch 7 specifications "accidentally" revealed in full - 3

Leaked information also shows that the launch date of Galaxy Watch 7 is July 10, 2024, coinciding with the date of the Galaxy Unpacked event confirmed by Samsung.

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According to leaked sources, Galaxy Watch 7 may have a price of 358.55 USD (more than 9 million VND), but this information is still uncertain. We still need to wait until next month's event to know more about the design and features of this new smart watch model.

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