What is Apple "plotting" with the iPhone 16 Series?


The latest rumors about the iPhone 16 series show that Apple is looking to challenge Samsung's dominance.

Apple is currently in a rather precarious position. The company is struggling in China and is trying to catch up in Artificial Intelligence - AI technology. Meanwhile, according to rumors, the iPhone 16 series will only bring minor upgrades compared to the iPhone 15 Series.

Concept photo of iPhone 16 series.

Concept photo of iPhone 16 series.

And according to the latest source, "Apple House" will take advantage of the popularity of the iPhone in Korea to challenge Samsung 's dominance right at "home".

Apple's iPhone line was launched in many different countries around the world. South Korea is usually not among the first countries to release new iPhones. One of the reasons is that electronic products released in Korea must be certified by the National Radio Research Agency and during this period, the possibility of device specifications being leaked is very high.

Illustration photo.

Illustration photo.

Because Apple is a secretive company, it doesn't want information about the iPhone to leak before its launch. Now, the company has taken bolder action this year.

Korea's ETNews reported that for the first time since 2009, iFan in Korea will be the first to get their hands on the iPhone 16 series.

The report also said that the new iPhone generation will be released in the first half of September. Previously, the iPhone 15 quartet was released on October 13 in Korea, just a few weeks after they went on sale on October 13. September 22 in key markets.

Apple is looking to increase its dominance in the market. Reports also say that young people in Korea prefer iPhones to Galaxy phones. Therefore, this strategy can help the company attract young people by focusing on AI features. 

At the end of last year, the Phone 15 series was extremely popular in Korea when it launched. On the contrary, the Galaxy S24 generation also performs very well. Data shows that Samsung's latest high-end smartphone has broken pre-order records in several markets, including its home country, surpassing the previous record of the Galaxy S8.

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