Sony introduced a pair of lenses capable of continuous focus when shooting 4K


This new pair of lenses from Sony has high resolution combined with maximum bokeh removal at F2.8 aperture.

Sony has just released the two newest members of the E-mount full-frame lens product range, the FE 16-25mm 2.8 G (SEL1625G) and FE 24-50mm (SEL2450G). Possessing a compact and lightweight design, the new lens duo achieves high resolution combined with maximum bokeh removal at F2.8 aperture.

New lens from Sony.

New lens from Sony.

Weighing only 409g, Sony's new Sony FE 16-25mm F2.8 lens is 74.8mm in diameter, 91.4mm long and compatible with 67mm filters. This gives the lens high portability, suitable for everyday use, and the ability to exaggerate the angular effect that can only be found at wide focal lengths.

Through the arrangement of three ED (super dispersion) and four spherical lenses (including one super dispersion spherical lens), aberrations are reduced to a minimum. This helps the lens achieve high resolution throughout the frame. The 11-blade diaphragm system and reduced aberration help create a more beautiful bokeh effect. The minimum focusing distance on this lens is 0.18m and the maximum magnification is 0.20x.

Sony equips the FE 16-25mm F2.8 G with two linear motors, compatible with the A9 III camera body, supporting 120 fps continuous shooting while still maintaining AF/AE features. (autofocus/auto exposure). The ability to continuously capture focus works even when recording high frame rates in 4K (120p)/Full HD (240p).

Sony's new lens supports the feature of reducing focus breathing, optimal for filming. When combined with a compatible camera body, users can activate Active Mode anti-shake mode to increase effectiveness. Efficient operation also includes a focus hold button, aperture ring, aperture ring click on/off switch, and mode switch. The entire lens is resistant to dust and humidity, with a dust-repelling fluorine coating that adheres to the lens surface.

Meanwhile, the Sony FE 24-50mm F2.8 G lens covers the focal length range from 24mm to 50mm, with the size of the lens kept small at 74.8mm diameter, 92.3mm long and compatible filter 67mm. Weight is about 440g.

Sharpness and detail across the focal length are achieved through an arrangement of four aspherical and two ED (super dispersion) elements, through which aberrations such as purple fringing are eliminated to ensure high resolution. full frame. The FE 24-50mm uses an 11-blade diaphragm system that is optimized for aberration to create a bokeh background effect. The minimum focus distance of this lens is 0.19mm (when autofocus) at its widest focal length and the maximum magnification is 0.30x (when autofocus).

The lens is also equipped with two linear motors that allow for autofocus capabilities. The lens also supports high-speed shooting at 120 fps with full AF/AE capabilities on the Alpha 9 III mirrorless full-frame camera. For users who need to record high-quality video, AF tracking is available in 4K (120p) or Full HD (240p) formats and high frame rates.

Manual focusing is also easier thanks to the linear response. On the lens body, Sony increases convenience with a focus hold button, aperture ring, click on/off switch of the aperture ring and focus mode switch. It doesn't stop there, the dust- and moisture-proof design combined with a fluorine coating helps prevent dust from sticking to the lens surface.

The pair of Sony FE 16-25mm F2.8 G and Sony FE 24-50mm F2.8 G lenses have reference prices of VND 32.99 million and VND 29.99 million, respectively.

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